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Gigs for 2018
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Saturday 24th February playing is:

Papa George - website

With special guest Dave Ellis - website
Joining Papa for a jamming session.

"Voted best solo blues act of the first 10 years of music at the Entshed by its customers, Papa is one of the greats for sure and this VERY RARE chance to see him play in this area in fact I think we are the only venue he ever plays anywhere near us, and it's taken me 7 years to get him back....





Support Act -Ben Smith - website


Ticket Price - £15.95


Only 19 tickets left!


Saturday 21st April playing is:

Fred's House - website

Without doubt one of the most sort after bands in the UK at the moment and there 4th visit to the club where they recorded their live cd "live at the Entshed"


Support Act -Corinna Jane - website


Ticket Price - £15.95


Over 50% of tickets sold!


Saturday 30th June playing is:

The Spikedrivers - website

This band was voted by my customers as the best blues act to play at the entshed in the first 10 years and now they are back in my 16th year of running music at the Entshed, the range of guitars played and there history matches the pure entertainment and skills that is unique to this act.



Support Act - Max Milligan - website

Ticket Price - £15.95



Saturday 6th October playing is:

Danni Nicholls - website

Support Act - My Girl The River - website

40% of tickets sold!

Ticket Price - £15.95



Saturday 1st December playing is:

Amy Wadge

Private event by invite only

95% of invites requested!

Support Act -Ethan Ash - website


Gigs for 2019


Saturday 8th June:

Very special event :  An evening with 

James Hickman  ( Singer & Guitarist ) & Dan Cassidy ( violinist ), yes  Eva Cassidy’s brother

More details to follow but heres a start:
A rare show from the brother of the late Eva Cassidy (Possibly the most famous and talked about female singer in the world to only truly be discovered after she had sadly passed away at a tender age …check her out on youtube over 50 million views.)

Dan Cassidy who is visiting the UK as part of a duo with the stunning James Hickman.
A real mix of Americana, Folk, a touch of humour, and stunning musicianship and yes I am sure the odd reference to the late Eva in there too. 

Ticket Offer:
Purchase before June 2018 at only £10.50  via the link below, after June 2018 they will be £15.95



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ALL GIGS : DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 pm & MUSIC STARTS AT 8.00pm till 11.00pm.